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Build meaningful, long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers

At the FT we know finance - an industry we've served for over 130 years. We help banks, asset managers, investment research and other financial institutions successfully transform their business models, propositions and cultures, using proven techniques and industry leading strategies.

Financial services is at a critical turning point with interesting challenges - and opportunities - ahead. In recent years the technology and consumer trends, competitive dynamics, regulation, socio-political and other macroeconomic shifts present a unique opportunity for disruption and an evolution of business models. The abundance of data and digital innovation means that traditional financial firms can serve consumers and stakeholders in innovative ways to diversify and sustain growth whilst deepening and broadening relationships with existing and new customers.


How we help clients

We help finance companies grow revenue, build profitable propositions and future-proof their business models.

Grow the size and value of your target audience
Significantly improve performance across the customer lifecycle using proven interventions to attract, engage, convert, monetise and retain more consumers by better serving their deepest needs

Deepen engagement and build valuable insights
Drive greater content consumption across all channels by optimising content creation & distribution, maximising reach & engagement using our North Star methodology and deep Data expertise

Build innovative sources of revenue - Diversify, scale and sustain revenue lines through digital revenue-generating propositions for existing or new audience segments, and using data as a valuable asset, including understanding what type of data to track, and how best to use it

Transform performance through culture change - Preparing you for a digital future by building key capabilities and innovation practices, e.g. a testing and learning culture, advanced digital workflows


Tara Lajumoke is Managing Director of FT Strategies.

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We've helped companies around the world future-proof their businesses - and we can do the same for you.

There's a lot at stake when you're creating a digital revenue stream - so naturally, you want to arm yourself with the best knowledge and expertise to make the correct decisions. Our team bring over 100 years of consulting rigour and world-class FT digital experience, to help you thrive in the new digital economy.

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