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Sep 2021

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Are you a subscriptions business looking to accelerate your growth? We’ve launched a series of bespoke consulting sessions where our experts help you across four key areas: conversion, engagement, retention and B2B. In these intensive, short sessions we’ll share the best-in-class strategies the Financial Times used on its journey to 1M+ subscribers, as well as the successful tactics FT Strategies built up from serving over 100 publishers and subscriptions businesses. You'll leave with a deep understanding of what works, a custom action plan and strategic roadmap you can use to take your subscriptions business to the next level.


  • Conversion Optimisation - Convert engaged users into loyal customers
  • Engagement Acceleration - Build strong engagement and valuable habits amongst customers
  • Retention Optimisation - Retain customers for the long-term whilst maximising their lifetime value
  • B2B Enhancement - Refine and scale your B2B offering to create sustainable growth


  • Data-led advisory: leading strategies to convert, engage and retain your B2C and B2B customers
  • Intensive and effective: delivered as one-off day sessions or as part of a bundle of multiple days
  • Unique to your requirements: we work with you beforehand to capture key data points
  • Led by experts: each day is chaired by expert practitioners from FT Strategies and the Financial Times


Who's this for?

✓ Executives leading strategy and setting organisation or group level goals

✓ Teams & individuals working on subscriptions strategy and implementation

✓ Marketing, Product and Technology, Data, Commercial and Editorial leaders

How will the workshops be delivered?

For UK attendees, either in-person (where possible) at the FT offices or on client site - whichever suits you. Alternatively, they can be delivered remotely and split over multiple days.

Can organisations outside of the UK apply?

Yes! We actively encourage applications from D2C subscription organisations across Europe, providing they can speak English.

How much work is involved?

So that you can get the most value out of the workshops, we will conduct a brief interview with one of the attendees to be able to gather a better understanding of your organisation’s current situation and ambitions.

What sort of time commitment will be required each day?

The time commitment per workshop is 1 day (~5 hours) of content and activities. For a virtual session, we are able to be flexible to your requirements but approximately 3 hours across 2 days.

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