FT Future of News Global Digital Conference


Jun 2021

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Expert insights on the future of the news industry

What is the future of news? Listen to expert insights on the future of the news industry from FT Strategies's Managing Director Tara Lajumoke alongside senior leaders from The Guardian News & Media, PRISA Noticias, S.L and the Financial Times. The FT Future of News Global Digital Conference covers topics including:

  • Following the major stressors unleashed by the pandemic, where are European media organisations finding new revenue to support their core businesses?
  • To what extent can the advertising model be revived, when brands themselves are under financial pressure?
  • Which audiences are brands now seeking, and how can the media help reach them?

Case Study: Building a subscriptions-centric business model for a media company

Increasing customer engagement during the pandemic | Interview with Head of Digital Editorial Development

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