Case Study: Building a subscriptions-centric business model for a media company


Jun 2021

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Case Study


A well-known media business wanted to explore a digital subscriptions product that utilised existing content and provided new services to their customers.


First, we led a discovery phase to develop the strategic rationale for a new D2C proposition. We identified a £5M opportunity over three years and validated it using data. Through research, surveys, interviews and a series of workshops - including prototypes and propensity to pay tests - we validated the target audience, customer problems and potential solutions. Following this, we created a roadmap and business plan covering digital content, the product offering, skills required and a tech strategy. Finally, we established a dedicated cross-functional project team with full senior leadership and Board support to drive forwards the launch and roll-out of the service.


  • An opportunity of £5M in three years identified and validated through data
  • A roadmap & business plan on content, product, capabilities and tech strategy
  • Investment in a new D2C strategy
  • The client enlisted a new team with cross-functional members and new talent to implement the strategy

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