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Build profitable, direct digital relationships with readers and future-proof your business model

As print circulations fall, publishers must digitally transform to survive. We use tried and tested methods to help you grow the size and value of your audience, deepen reader engagement and build digital sources of revenue.

The news publishing industry is facing significant challenges; print circulations are falling, digital display advertising will be affected by the 'cookie apocalypse', and the market is becoming ever more crowded. Creating profitable D2C relationships is now the main way to offset these losses and futureproof publishing businesses. However, this is no simple task as the market is maturing rapidly. The switch to digital is well-documented, but the shift from desktop to mobile is ongoing. Subscription fatigue is somewhere on the horizon, and a comparatively expensive news sub may be the first candidate to be cut. While news provision is not yet fully commoditised, aggregation platforms make building and owning reader relationships more difficult. Amongst all this, there are steep learning curves around technical infrastructure, mobile-first product strategies, and data collection & analysis.


How we help clients

FT Strategies can help news publishers grow revenue, build profitable propositions and future-proof their business models

Grow the size and value of your readers
Significantly improve performance across the customer lifecycle using proven interventions to attract, engage, convert, monetise and retain more readers

Deepen reader engagement and build valuable insights
Drive greater content consumption across all channels by optimising content creation & distribution, maximising reach & engagement using our North Star methodology

Build innovative sources of revenue
Diversify, scale and sustain revenue lines through digital revenue-generating propositions for existing or new audience segments

Transform performance through culture change
Preparing you for a digital future by building key capabilities and innovation practices, e.g. a testing and learning culture, advanced digital workflows


Tim Part is a Manager at FT Strategies.

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